We have tried to answer the most common of questions regarding our hair extensions, if there is anything else you wish to know, please get in touch and our customer support team will answer as soon as possible.

Clip-in hair extensions are a quick, easy and affordable way to add lengh and volume to your hair without causing it any long term damage.

Rock Envy hair extensions are made of Top quality 100% human hair and that is why they can be cut, washed, blow dried and styled with curling or flat irons to adapt to all your needs.

You can easily attach and remove them yourself in a matter of minutes, no fuss, instant glamourous hair!

At Rock Envy, we only use Remy Hair in our extensions. The term Remy means ‘Cuticle correct’. This means that only the finest virgin (Untreated & not previously coloured) hair is used.

Our hair differs from other brands of hair extensions that are available on the market, not only because it is hand picked & aligned so that every single strand runs in the same direction as it would on the human scalp but also because our extensions are made soley for Rock Envy.

We have ensured that the hair is cuticle correct (each hair is running the same way (downwards)), in order to keep the hair from tangling/matting which is one of the most important factors when buying and wearing hair extensions.

After picking & aligning, the hair goes through a gentle; but very complicated treatment process, to colour, straighten & treat the hair in the best way.

With TLC our extensions can last up to a year… They can be treated just like your own hair, using heat protective spray, hair masks and conditioning oils will extend the life of your Rock Envy Hair Extensions when heat tools are used on a regular basis.

If your extensions are neglected, they will need to be replaced every 3-6months.

Yes! Yes you can! They are 100% Human Hair after all. What we do suggest though, is only going 2-3 shades darker than your set of extensions and not lightening.

Because the hair extensions have previously been coloured, you are risking damaging the cuticle and the quality of the hair will be porous. Unfortunately we can not accept returns on Hair extensions that have been coloured.

To avoid disappointment we suggest you ask your professional hairdresser to colour them for you.

Our top quality stainless steal clips, which are inserted with a clear silicone rubber, ensures maximum protection and stability for your natural hair. They are attached to the the root of your hair, and snapped and secured into place.

Please check out our Clip In Guide for more detailed description on how to fit your Rock Envy Hair Extensions.

Your look and style is your preference, so really the only general rule is that there is enough hair to support the the clip and the weight of the hair, but also to cover the seam of the wefts.

We tend to say your natural hair is much better supported if it is at least 6 Inches long, this way the hair/weight distribution is more even.

With a little practice, you’ll be able to do it in about 5 minuets, and take them out in 1 minuet.

Yes our extensions are 100% Human Hair, which means they can be treated like your own natural hair. We do advise that you use heat protective spray, before using heat tools.

We also advise you to not use the hottest setting on your heat tools, this will ensure your hair extensions condition lasts that little bit longer.

Aftercare is the most important factor to extending the life of your hair extensions when they are used on a regular basis.

We have a few suggestions to help maintain your gorgeous locks:

Brushing; Use a soft bristle brush or tangle teaser and gently brush from the ends first, making your way up to the root.

Washing; Use a mild shampoo and conditioner, do not rub the shampoo in vigourosly, gently massage the hair to create a lather and rinse with clean warm water. Follow with a mild conditioner  and rinse with clean warm water.

Drying; Gently pat dry the hair with a towel (do not rub vigourously together). We suggest you hang up your extensions to dry naturally, but if you choose to use heat then dont forget your heat protector!

Styling; There are no instructions!! Have fun, experiment, style as you wish! Be Bold, Be Loud, BE YOU!

Unfortunately some of the popular colours sell out fast, and we are deeply sorry for any inconvenience.

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At present, Rock Envy hair extensions can only be bought from the following online stores: www.rockenvy.co.uk www.rockenvyhair.co.uk

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