Clip In Guide

Step 1]  Starting at the nape of the neck, around 1-2 inches from the hair line, use a comb or your thumbs to draw a straight-ish line.

Step 2] Clip the top section out of the way.

You should now have a section of hair around an inch thick, ready for the next step.

Step 3] Take a comb and gently tease the roots of the section, for extra hold, spray hairspray on the teased area.

Step 4] Take your first weft (2 clip extension) and unsnap the clip.

Step 5] Attach the first weft to the teased area, central to the section, by snapping the clips closed on to the hair.

Step 6] Repeat Step 1 all the way up the head following the numbered sections in the diagram.

Step 7] Once you have attached all the pieces, take down the top section and style as required.

For a more visual step by step guide, check out our YouTube channel for our ‘How to Tutorial’


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