IN THE KNOW: Are hair extensions right for you?

Clip in extensions are a popular choice for women wanting to add length, colour or volume to their natural hair. They are one of the cheaper options when it comes to hair extensions, but choosing which is best for your hair can seem mind boggling. Here are a few tips on how to match your hair and make sure you buy the right ones for you…



What do you want hair extensions for? Is it a one night stand occasion or are you wishing to wear them on a daily basis? Those that know a bit more about extensions, know that their are many different techniques and choosing the right one for you is invaluable. Those that lead a lifestyle that involves their hair being tied up 80% of the time through work and lifestyle choices, will not be suitable for permanent extension techniques and therefore choose a more occasional wearing system like clip-ins.



Matching your colour can be difficult if you don’t understand the basic rules. Looking at your hair in natural light is a first, take a picture next to a window. You will want to match the hair to the top layer of your hair so that it will blend more seaminglessly, the underneath will be covered and blended with the hair. Is your hair colour custom pink/purple/pastel? You’ll need to choose a light shade to custom colour your extensions to match(ask our support team for advice). Think about what your hair colour does through the summer months, if it lightens, choose a colour slighter lighter than your own shade, you can always colour them darker but you can’t lighten hair extensions.



The length of your hair is important, it has to be long enough to style (and attach clips to) as to not look ridiculously fake (unless thats the look you’re going for). We suggest shoulder length hair or longer for the most natural looking style. If you have slightly shorter bits you can pin back the underneath section of hair and curl the extensions to blend in with your hair. We also advise you get your hair stylist/hairdresser to cut your extensions for you on your next visit.



Is your hair fine to medium or medium to thick? Have you ever seen a girl wearing extensions that look like rats tails? Not only has she chosen the wrong thickness, but she could have chosen a brand that has uneven thickness from route to tip. Make sure you ask for help, it is important the ends of the hair extensions are not too thin or you will have body at the route and straggly hair at the ends.



Is your hair straight? curly? wavy? Afro? Understanding what your hair likes to do, will help you understand how to style your extensions. The majority of human hair extensions on the market come in straight due to the ease of styling them. Those that are curly have been permed to give them their shape, too much heat or styling products can damage its original style, shortening the lifespan of your hair extensions.


These are just a few of the main tips when choosing to invest in hair extensions. Another huge bit of advice is recommendation… do your home work and don’t be afraid to ask questions before parting with your pennies. Our customer service team have years of experience in the industry and are here to answer any questions –

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