It’s potent and yes it works! Say goodbye puffy eyes…

If like me you spent years thinking that every product that came onto the shelf was just another fad to get you to buy into their gimmick, I suggest you think again…

I’ve always used face wash and moisturiser, and recently got into using a hydrating products (for another post) but eye creams & any sort of anti-wrinkle serum has always been something of a myth in my eyes.

While shopping for a new mascara at Benefit i was suckered into “buy 2 items and receive a free goody bag” (not something I’m usually drawn in to) but as I needed a new eyeliner as well, I decided to take the sales women up on her offer.

In the free gift bag I received:

Stay Flawless Primer Stick 1.2g
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow 3.0ml
Its Potent Eye Cream 3.0g

I will get into the Flawless collection in another post, as we’re talking eye cream here, let me just tell you how magically potent this cream actually is…

You know those mornings you’ve either woken up from the worst hangover, cried yourself to sleep over some douchebag of a guy or maybe you just suffer from fat eye syndrome every dam day of your life. This cream is like someone as released the tension on your under eyes with the touch of a button. Its cooling, soothing and gentle.

On the box it states ‘Brightening Eye Cream To Fade Dark Circles’, I’m not sure it fades my circles (I use concealer for that) but I wouldn’t be without it now. The skin around your eyes is so thin and delicate, so it needs special tlc, I have very sensitive eyes and although it tingles a little it feels like I’m a new woman, every single morning.

I loved the sample so much i had to buy a biggie…

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