Lets get personal…

Rock Envy can only be described as a powerful attitude towards life. To have the confidence within, your inner self shines so bright that you are the ENVY of those around you.

This isn’t because you have the looks and body of a Victoria’s Secret model, a bank balance that screams “hello my new Louboutins”, or an amazing love life that even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would compel against, but because you have the confidence to be who you want to be. To love who you are, is to ‘shine bright like a diamond’ (thank you Rhianna) and so Rocking Envy is something to be proud of.

I’ve followed a simple motto for the last few years which is “be as free as a bird, and never let anyone try to clip your wings”… I even had a tattoo designed on my wrist that says ‘Ser Libre’ (Spanish for ‘Be Free’) incase I ever forgot that life can’t hold you down… only you can… I follow my heart and sometimes I follow my head, does it matter?? I believe we should start each day with a ‘Can Do’ attitude, ready to fight those little demons that tell us doubtful things about ourselves that no one else hears… yes we’re all a little crazy…

I am a very excited to share my passion and dreams, our future blogs are going to be about our journey, life, style, hair & beauty how to’s and much much more.

‘I’ Rock Envy, and so can you, we are a life style brand, one in which there are no rules or followings, we rock it our way… and you rock it yours…

I can’t wait to meet some of you and answer your questions.

See you soon

Stephanie x

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