Our Story

“Have the confidence to be you

and the envy of others”

We believe everyone in this world is unique and with each trend that is to be followed, every individual likes to put their own twist – to be inspired by ones greatest is to create a new style.

We have years of experience in the hair & beauty industry and have specialised in hair extensions & nails for clients in Cornwall and Ibiza over the past 7 years. With our love for the island of Ibiza, where being yourself and being free from the typical “perfect” stereo types, RockEnvy was founded from this idea. We wanted to create a brand that expressed itself with individuality, where being unique and having the confidence to be your own idol was expressed. Our dream to set a style that was Boho slash Rock, its about being the envy of others, not just for what you wear, but for having the confidence to be YOU, with that… RockEnvy was born.