Rock Envy @ The Brit Awards 2015

This month we were invited to attend the Brit Awards at the O2 London. We set out on a 273 mile journey from Cornwall to the big smoke for a 24 hour road trip.

It was an early start, and we packed everything bar the kitchen sink. Stephanie was the designated driver and apart from a few screams and swear words, managed to get us all there in one piece.

We arrived at a friends house with only an hour to spare, to eat food prepared by our amazing host and get our selves dressed and ready to rock the night away. Upon arriving at the O2 we did a quick photo stop at the press board and quickly found our seats. The opening scene was Taylor swift and the mood on our seats was a lot higher than those around us (we need to get out of Cornwall more).

A quick pit stop to the bar in the break and back to watch the rest of the show. Afterwards we were extremely lucky to be invited to the Warner Music After Party and given access to Ed Sheeran’s private party… Well what can I say… Im not usually star struck but dancing in a room with Rita Ora, Ant and Dec, Orlando Bloom, Robert Pattinson, Holly Willaby and the star of the night Ed Sheeran had to be one of the most sureal nights of our lives. Finishing our night off dancing to Mark Ronson on the decs was the icing on the cake.

Travelling back the next morning with severe hangovers was probably one of the best aftermaths¬†ever…. Thanks to Warner Music no night could ever compete…

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